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data base with information from tabulate



I have a datable like this:

Database 1.jpg

the name of the last column is "Quality".


I would like to create new column in the same datatable with these informations:

Column Table( Grouping Columns( :Quality ), Statistics( Row % )  with Grouping Columns( :Product, :Year, :Month, :Week, :N° date ).


I know I can create a new table from Tabulate but I would like to have all these informations in the first data table, it will be more practical to build different graphs with only one data base.


is it possible?


thanks for your help.


best regards



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Re: data base with information from tabulate

Using JSL, you can create the new columns you need, and populate them with the desired calculations you want.  You may also want to look into generating the data you want in Tabulate, and then joining the Tabulate created table back to the original table.

In either case, you will need to start learning JSL.  I suggest that you start by reading the JSL Guide

     Help==>Books==>JSL Guide

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