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control charts side by side

Hi everyone,

does anybody know if it is possible to combine 2 control charts as seen in the screenshot here:

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Re: control charts side by side

First make a character column with the text "Jan - Apr 09" for the first part of the data, and "May - Dec 09" for the second part. Say it is called "Period".
Graph > Control Chart > IR and then supply your column for the Process box and put Period in for the Phase box. JMP will plot an nearly identical chart except it will not display the Control Limit values or the Mean value for the last Phase. However you can get them by clicking the red triangle Control Chart pull down, selecting Save Limits and then In New Table. That table contains all the relevant info for all phases. If you wanted you could script the control charting and then via scripting get the desired info from the limits table and display it in tabular fashion near the control chart.
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Re: control charts side by side

Here is an example:

As an aside, if you don't already have a grouping variable to use for the Phase role in the control chart, version 8 of JMP introduced a really nice new capability to generate one based on a selection of rows:

Rows>Row Selection>Name Section In Column...
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