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connecting tables through formulas

Is it possible to parameterize a formula in a column in one table with values in another table? I want to create a match function where the criteria are listed in another table. So I have in Table 1 a column called State, which are two letter abbreviations for states. I want another column that converts the state designation to a FIPS designation in Table 1. I have in Table 2, two columns that detail the correspondence between the letter abbreviation (Col1) and the FIPS code (Col2). Can I write a Match function that links the two tables?

Re: connecting tables through formulas

I would suggest checking out the "Custom Map Creator" add-in that was recently on the blog. I know that you are not trying to create a map, but the add-in does something very similar to what you are asking, it assigns X-Y coordinates from one table to a map shape name in another table.
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