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col list box menus

Hello, I would like to disable the right-click menus appearing in col list box.


I found the Menus Enabled () command in the scripting index, but  the example reported there does not seem to work (Jmp 13 PRO) , I see no difference between

 Menus Enabled1 ); and  Menus Enabled( 0 );




Names Default To Here( 1 );

dt = Open( "$SAMPLE_DATA/Big" );

New Window( "Col List Box Example",

Col List Box( all, width( 250 ), maxSelected( 1 ) ),

fontobj = lb = Col List Box()


lb << append( "weight" );

lb << append( "height" );

lb << Menus Enabled( 0 );


Am I missing something?


By the way, I found a workaround by defining a dummy empty menu with

<<Set Context Menu Script({}), but it's not as clean as I 'd like.



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Re: col list box menus

What I found when I looked at this, is that JMP enables/disables the rt click for clicking in the box, not rt clicking on a selection.  So, if you rt click on the word "Optional" in the box, and the Menues Enable(1) has been specified, you will see the selection of "Paste".  If Menues Enabled(0) has been specified, you don't see anything when you rt click on the word "Optional"


I think your work around with the subcontext men is what you will have to live with. 


I am not aware of any option to turn off the rt mouse click options for the specific columns.


Maybe someone out there has an answer

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