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chi-square with more than 2x2 (newbie)

I have a series of dichotomous variables that I am evaluating against a single dichotomous variable. Is there way I can put into JMP a single command or entry, that will evaluate columns 1-5 each against column six? Would it be better to make a 5x2 contingency table, and if so, what is the best way to do that?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: chi-square with more than 2x2 (newbie)

You didn't specify whether you have one Y and many X's, or many Y's and one X. I will assume the former.

If you want to analyze the Y separately against each X, then use Fit Y by X. Put the Y variable in the Y, Response role, and put the other variables in the X, Factor role. This produces a separate model for each X.

If you want to analyze the Y against all the X's at once in a joint model, then use Fit Model. Put the Y variable in the Y role, and make the X's as Model Effects using the Add button. This produces a model which predicts Y as a function of all the X's at the same time.

Without knowing more about your situation, I can't say more about which way is best.
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