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Mar 2, 2016

automating the change of labels of Spec Limit properties when plotting

So I have successfully shown my spec limits as reference lines in the variability charts that I plot, involving the code I pasted below

Eval Expr(
dt:(result) << Set Property(


"Spec Limits",
{LSL( Expr( Num( wLoS ) ) ), USL( Expr( Num( wUpS ) ) ), Show Limits( 1 )}

I would like to know if there a way to change the way the limits are labeled when plotted in the Variability Chart when spec limits are part of the column property and we set Show Limits(1)? As of now, the labels are USL and LSL where the spec limit reference lines are drawn on the Variability Chart (see picture below). I get that I can manually change them 1 by 1 at the variability chart, but when I need to plot lots of variability charts, it gets troublesome, anybody overcame this problem? Note that the solution is simple if I added the reference lines myself, but these plotted lines are imported as a column property which is different.