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add line and label axis by extracting formula into the chart


Community Trekker


Feb 27, 2017


I cannot sucessful add the line and label the line into the charts.
Can anyone give me some hints on how to add the line and label the line into the charts?






Jun 23, 2011

Right-click on the axis and select Axis Settings. Notice the Reference Line area in the lower right corner of the dialog. You can add as many lines as you want. Each one is plotted at a given valuelabel (optional), color, opacity, and line style. Remember to click Add for each definition. Right-click on the axis again when you have the desired result and select Save to Column Property. The Axis column property will assure that this data column will always be plotted this way from now on.

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Community Trekker


Feb 27, 2017

thanks @markbailey for replying. I gain new knowledge for using the features.
But now i want use script to script out the line and label the line into the chart.
I have try lot of times to add and label line, but it still cannot successful.


Super User


Jun 22, 2012

What you need to do is to generate the chart you want interactively, then add the reference lines you want.  Once that is done, then simply go to the red triangle and select

     Save Script==>Script Window

It will show you exactly the script you will need to produce the chart and the reference lines.

You can also go to

     Help==>scripting Index==>Add Reference Lines

and it will give you the definition and an example of how to add the reference lines.