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Why do columns have units?

I notice that one of the column properties is "units", which assume to mean things like "feet", "kilometers", etc.


Is there a hidden feature that will allow the user to change the column to different units easily?  E.g., if input data is in "feet", the user could right click the column header and see an option to change the units to "meters" and the column values would change?

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Re: Why do columns have units?

I like your thinking, but nothing that fancy is available.  Of course, a script could be written to create a little application to do something like that.  I also suggest that you add your suggestion to the JMP Wish List so that it gets officially added to the items the JMP folks review before releases.


Re: Why do columns have units?

Here's a direct link to the JMP Wish List (in case you don't find it in the top menu of this page 

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