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Which Functional Forms for Desirability JMP use to maximize, minimize and reach target for a response?

I was simultaneously optimizing my output response variables against input factors, and using desirability approach. Meanwhile, I was going through the documentation provided by JMP to know which piece-wise functional forms (like piece-wise functions proposed by Derringer and Suich (1980)) JMP use to optimize the desirability, but I only got the overall desirability function (Geometric mean). Can anyone tell which piece-wise function JMP use to maximize and minimize a desirability? Also for target. Are these the same as Derringer and Suich (1980) proposed? Because in JMP's documentation, it is clearly mentioned that "JMP does not use the Derringer and Suich (1980) functional forms. Because they are not smooth, they do not always work well with JMP’s optimization algorithm"



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