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Where() displayed on plot/analysis with data filter

In graph builder, if I use the local data filter in the Graph Builder, a convenient Where() statement appears at the bottom of the plot; but if I use another platform like Fix Y by X I can't seem to get it to appear. It's very convenient in Graph Builder since it saves me from manually having to identify how the visual is filtered, but when I need to do something more in-depth I have to call it out.


Is there a way to get the Where() statement to appear in other platforms to reflect what's selected in a data filter?

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Re: Where() displayed on plot/analysis with data filter

The only way that I know of to do what you want, would be to specify an Add Graphics Script to the graphical output, and to have the JSL specify the Where Clause.

What you can do to push this into future release of JMP, is to add your idea to the JMP Wish List.

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