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When copying graph Legend moves

Dear community,


when copying a graph build in the graph builder the legend that I moved inside the graph appears below the graph. I use the add-in copy without background, but this happens with and without the add-in.


Any help would be very much appreciated, as my legend needs to appear within the graph,



Super User

Re: When copying graph Legend moves

Which version of JMP are you using on which operating system?  I am on JMP 14.1 on Windows 10.  I do not use the add-in. I can journal or copy and paste and the legend does not move.


However, when I use JMP 13.2.1, the legend moves using, Copy, Journal, Journal("Freeze All") and even Save Selection As.  However, if I get the picture, then journal the picture, the legend is intact.


If you are using JMP 13.2, try this.

Names default to here(1);

gb = Graph Builder(
	Size( 534, 454 ),
	Show Control Panel( 0 ),
	Legend Position( "Inside Left" ),
	Variables( X( :height ), Y( :weight ), Overlay( :sex ) ),
	Elements( Points( X, Y, Legend( 17 ) ), Line Of Fit( X, Y, Legend( 19 ) ) ),
	SendToReport( Dispatch( {}, "400", LegendBox, {Set Title( "" )} ) )
pic = gb << get picture ;

pic << journal;
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