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What is the data size limitation for JMP Graph Builder for iPad app?

This question came up recently from a customer inquiring about the iPad Graph Builder app and I thought I would post some info to help address it.

We do not have any official documents stating this, but here is some information that might help.  In general it all comes down to DRAM (not the amount of storage that a particular model comes with).

  • The JMP Graph Builder for iPad doesn't have a hard-coded limit for data table size, but rather the limit is determined by available DRAM.
  • Similar to JMP, the Graph Builder App must hold all data and perform all graphing tasks in memory.
  • We don't know the exact limit in terms of rows & columns, because it depends on data types, and on what you're graphing.
  • Loading the data is just the first step. You need more memory to actually create graphs.
  • The method used to load the data does not affect the app's ability to open it.
  • Different graph types have different requirements, which can depend on things like the number of levels in a column, etc.
  • Newer iPad models have more DRAM than old ones. For example, the new iPad Air 2 has 2 GB of DRAM.

Hope this helps people.



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Re: What is the data size limitation for JMP Graph Builder for iPad app?

Hello, Chris.

I agree with all what you said. I would add is not smart to run large files, specially if your DRAM is less than 1Gb.

I have a model ME033LL/A [iPad mini] and it freezes constantly with plots that have more than 2000 rows [one Y, scatter plot]. I've been able to plot larges files [5000+ rows, tree Y's and scatter plot], but zooming becomes quite slow, and at times restarts the App. This confirms your point on the dependency of DRAM memory. The ME033LL/A model comes with 512Mb if I am not mistaken.

I haven't had issues with files that are less than 1000 rows [tree Y's, scatter plot]. But as you said, different graphs have different requirements.

Hope the info is useful,


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