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What is the Jackknife Predicted ?

Hello I'm Bae.

I couldn't understand the following JMP manual about the Jackknife predicted.

Are "pseudo-jackknife values" the same equation (10) inside the paper that I attached pdf file?

How does JMP calculate the Jackknife predicted?

Thank you for your attention.

Best regards

HG Bae

Actual by Predicted Plot

The Actual by Predicted plot shows the actual Y values on the y-axis and the jackknife predicted values on the x-axis. One measure of goodness-of-fit is how well the points lie along the 45 degree diagonal line.

The jackknife values are really pseudo-jackknife values because they are not refit unless the row is excluded. Therefore, the correlation parameters still have the contribution of that row in them, but the prediction formula does not. If the row is excluded, neither the correlation parameters nor the prediction formula have the contribution.

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