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What do I call this experiment

I have done a screening experiment for 8 factors.  I have used a fractional factorial with 12 runs(sorry I didn't know about definitive screeing yet).  I am repeating the same design in several runs, each on a different instrument, and I'm treating these runs act as blocks since they represent instrument-to-instrument variation.  My intent is to treat the instrument factor as a random effect so I can extent my inferences to a larger population.  Is there a name for this design I can latch onto.  It is not a blocked fractional factorial since I'm not dividing a single replicate over several blocks (instruments).  I'm replicating the design.  Now I can do the analysis and know how to construct the model, but I can't figure out what the statistical community calls this.

I suppose I could have used different aliasing for each block and maybe cleared the main effects entirely from the 2-level interactions.  But for the simplicity of the execution it was easier to replicate the same design over several instruments.

Any help is appreciated


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