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What did you learn at Discovery Summit in San Diego?




May 21, 2014

Share what you learned with fellow conference attendees as well as those who didn't get to attend in San Diego.

Were you inspired to try something new in JMP? Did you pick up a new best practice in exploring or visualizing data? Did you find out about a new statistical technique? Got a favorite poster or paper -- link to it in the space.

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Super User


Jun 23, 2011

John's keynote on JMP growing up and taking shape in the 80's encouraged me to post my throw-back pac-man style arcade game in JSL (exploiting the dynamic linkage between data table and graph builder). JMP-Man


Community Manager


Jun 26, 2014

I learned from Xan's talk that there's usually a few more steps we need to refine a Graph Builder visualization by adjusting text, using less color, and deemphasizing non relevant data making it grey.  Less is more. And sometimes our graphs can be "correct" however visually off by how our minds associate scale in terms of proximity. Learn how to catch Graphic perception trickery, and adjust as needed.


Ryan DeWitt
Community Manager | Learning Content Specialist | SAS JMP Customer Care


Jun 5, 2014

From Xan Gregg's talk and graphics...less is more. When I coach JMP customers on effective graphical communication techniques, the phrase I use is, "If it does not add, it subtracts."


Super User


Jun 23, 2011

A few scripting nuggets...

Selection filters as presented by Dan Schikore was really cool.  I'll have to explore "<<make row state handler" further.

I learned about local here() and platform() from Michael Haslam - that will come in handy.


Community Trekker


Jun 18, 2012

I took the scripting class on Monday. Learned a lot of scripting tips that I will put to use.

David Trindade's talk on Life Distribution vs Recurrence Analysis made me think, "did I draw the wrong conclusion about failure rates in some of my previous  analyses?". I have some homework to do...

Had some great conversations with the developers!


Super User


Feb 10, 2013

Discovery Summit reminded me that JMP has stability platforms, including one for destructive samples, that might make stability analysis easier.

One of my favorite talks was on multiple correspondence analysis ( ) by Jianfeng Ding the developer of the platform.

Xan gave a fun talk on graphics and I learned that there is an automatic nesting option on appropriate axes (such as long dates, look in the axis settings).

I also found that there are others willing to get up to run at pace fit for all at sunrise.


Super User


Mar 17, 2015

I learned about XPath integration in JSL which has already saved me a bunch of time in navigating reports.

Also, the filtering by graph feature in JMP 12+ is amazing.  It makes looking at the data much more intuitive on one screen without wasting real estate on local data filters.  It's brilliant.