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Weibull with threshold

I am trying to fit my data with Weibull Threshold. The threshsold value that I get is always the minimum value in my data.

My data is as follows.

1 1.15E+04
2 1.47E+04
3 2.48E+04
4 2.60E+04
5 2.64E+04
6 2.83E+04
7 3.56E+04
8 6.30E+04
9 6.35E+04
10 6.90E+04
11 1.38E+05
12 1.45E+05
13 2.73E+05
14 2.41E+06
15 4.26E+06
16 8.21E+06
17 1.00E+07

For the above data, with Weibull fit with threshold, 1.15E04 is the value that I get which is the minimum in my data. Would someone please help me to get the correct threshold value

Thank you

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Jun 23, 2011

Re: Weibull with threshold

Here's the word from JMP support:

The behavior you have noticed with the threshold parameter for the Weibull distribution is by design. We have a JMP usage note on this available on our web site at