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Webinar / Video topic suggestion: Formula Editor

I'd like to put in a request for a short webinar or long video on the Formula Editor. I just watched Julian Parris's short video on the subject:

It's a good start, but doesn't provide enough guidance for folks who are migrating from writing formulas in Excel to doing them in JMP. I've been using JMP since 1994, and until about five years ago, did all of my complex formula creation in Excel. After not getting it quite right in Excel a bunch of times, I forced myself to do all formula creation in JMP.

In deploying JMP across my organization, teaching users how to create complex formulae in JMP instead of Excel has been a bit of a hurdle. Some common continuous process applications: finding the occurrence of a condition involving multiple variables; finding when a machine started running and then summing the runtime until it stopped; finding the length of production campaigns for each product.

Some topics:

  • Use of Lag() and how to deal with Row() == 1
  • Statistical functions with byVar
  • Accessing Column Properties like Spec Limits in formulae (subject of my last post)
  • How to create an n-row rolling average
  • Re-using formulae
  • Row States

Would be happy to provide other examples. Anyone else have any requests?

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Re: Webinar / Video topic suggestion: Formula Editor

Mission accomplished during ​.

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Re: Webinar / Video topic suggestion: Formula Editor

Nicely done Mark

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