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Want JMP Training?

JMP Training strives to address your learning needs by covering the topics that you need the most in order to use JMP to its best advantage in your work. We now offer training on a variety of subjects and in an array of formats including formal classroom training, Live Web training, self-paced eLearning, recorded courses, customized courses for private classes at your site, and completely open-ended mentoring. After more than two decades of delivering training services, you have a large curriculum from which to choose. We know, though, that there are subjects that are not currently covered and that someone might need to learn about an aspect of JMP for which there is no training yet.

So please reply here with your idea or suggestion for a topic in a future offering. (Of course, you can also respond directly through a message to me if you prefer.)


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Re: Want JMP Training?

After taking the JMP ANOVA and Regression course last year, I would interested in exploring in more depth the Fit Model analysis with emphasis on ANCOVA, and MANOVA

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