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Very Complicated Coordinates Part 2

Hi everyone. Well I'm stucked again. The description and solution to Very Complicated Coordinates (Part 1) is over here:

So basically, after finding the adjacent column, I'm now tasked to find the sum of the number of Keo that are not a dot (.) surrounding the X-Coordinate and Y-Coordinate. Let's take the examples of X-Coordinate and Y-Coordinate of (-1,1) and (-2,1). Let's call the sum of the number of Keo that are not a dot (.) "NotDot". By

referring to the two figures below,


Coordinates of (-1,1)Coordinates of (-1,1)


Coordinates of (-2,1)Coordinates of (-2,1)

the Coordinates of (-1,1) has a NotDot of 2 while Coordinates of (-2,1) has a NotDot of 0, which again, doesn't count take into account of its own Keo.

With that, can I once again seek help for the steps and guidance for the JSL script? Sorry for the perpetual asking of questions, pretty new to JSL. Thank you.

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