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Using shape files


My goal is is to plot data on top of a map to see if GPS positions are above land or water. I can hear you think "use the background maps provided by JMP".

Unfortunately I can't find a WMS server for my area (Europe) with a map which is detailed enough and I did not succeed to load more than 10000 points on top of a WMS map.

My question: Is it possible to use a shape file as a background map and plot non related data on top of it?
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Using shape files

You can turn on the World Countries Boundaries in the Background Map window. But I suppose that's not detailed enough either.

If you have your own shape files you can convert them to JMP map files (there is doc and a couple blog posts about it) or you can read the shapes yourselfs are draw them as polygons. You can even use the InPolygon function to programmatically check is a point is inside a polygon.

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