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Update on JMP Scripting Forum at Discovery 2015

A quick update folks:

First, some content news. We are going to ask our panelists to share with the group the one (or two or three) things they wish they knew earlier about JSL development and/or some JSL capability that JMP provides now that they wish was offered in earlier versions of JMP. The discussion will include short demonstrations of these important features.

At this point, we can announce that I'm happy to announce that one of our contributors will be Peter Mroz (PMroz) of JnJ. Peter spoke previously and was well received. He'll be talking about:

a) Show how to create an application using Application Builder, which takes input from the user and displays a graph showing the biorhythm functions (Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Composite).  The graph shows how to use Graph Builder to plot functions.

b) Using Tableboxes, string col boxes, number col boxes and col boxes to create grid controls.  How to put buttons, check boxes etc into a tablebox column using the col box.

I'm looking forward to (b). I can see how it can improve GUI aesthetics.

If you haven't signed up yet, please do so soon. Previous years' have filled up.

We are still looking for talent! Have you done something you think you'd like to share? Let me know! Just fire off an email to me at Always willing to consider any contribution.

More info can be found here: Training - JMP Discovery Summit 2015


Re: Update on JMP Scripting Forum at Discovery 2015

Looking forward to the forum. I'll be there along with other JMP staff. It's always beneficial to everyone just to see what others are doing with JSL, and I want to encourage others to join Peter and share.

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