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Update a text field in a modal window

I am trying to create a window that opens at the start of the script.  I want the user to open three files for import and then set some input parameters before the 100+ graphs are created.

I would like to have buttons with the filename requested which executes a pick file function.  I then parse the full file path to just the filename and I would like to show it in a text box next to the button.  If I create a text box which has it's contents defined by a text variable and try to update that variable via the button script, it does not work.  The text in the text box is not updated.  If I include show(filename), the log window shows that the variable has been updated.

What message should I send to the text box to update the text in it?

DFilename = "";

New Window( "Set Scaling Factors",


  V List Box(

  Lineup Box( N Col( 2 ),

  Button Box(


     (DFile = Pick File( "Select the Design File (Excel)" ) ;

     DFileName =  Words( DFile, "/" ) ;

     DFileName =DFileName[(N Items(DfileName))];



  DF=Text Box( DFilename ),



  H List Box( Button Box( "OK", ), Button Box( "Cancel", stopflag = 1 ) )



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Re: Update a text field in a modal window

The message should be part of the button box script.

Button Box("pick",

                DFile = Pick File("Select the Design File (Excel)");

                DFileName = Words(DFile, "/");

                DFileName = DFileName[N Items(DfileName)];

                DF << set text(DFilename);