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UI elements have wrong shapes

I loaded up JMP and saw that a number of JMP UI elements have the wrong height. It's like every vertical padding got out of control.


The best I can explain this is with a screenshot so I'm attaching one:




I uninstalled 14.0, reinstalled 14.1 and the problem persists. I uninstalled 14.1 deleted my profile folder under user\appdata\etc... reinstalled, the problem persists. I did the previous steps, restarted computer and reinstalled afterwards, the problem persists. No other application on my computer has this problem. Graphical settings are set to 100% with no weird custom settings. I'm on a Windows 10 device.



Has anyone seen anything like this before and know the fix?

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Re: UI elements have wrong shapes

I would send this to Technical Support at to see if they have had other reports like this.

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