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Two questions about integration between SAS and JMP

Hi to all,
I've got two questions about JMP and SAS:

1) Is it possible to access an Information Map through JMP? I've been able to connect to a SAS EBI, but I'm afraid that I can just call SAS stored process (which is great) and registered SAS data set...

2) How can I publish a JMP report into a SAS Information Delivery Portal?



Re: Two questions about integration between SAS and JMP

Hi Daniele,

Here are some information regarding question #2:

JMP can send results back to IDP. You can control JMP via an automated standalone application written in VB.NET/C# and running as a web service. The web service would interface with IDP. You would have to explore more with the IDP folks for details on how to achieve this, but it is possible. This web service would also have to comply with the JSR-168 industry portlet specification.

- For input, IDP can take in a HTML file, SAS stored process, or display information from WebDAV or a BIP Tree

- IDP can handle sockets as well

- JMP has the ability to save reports/graphs as images and HTML files. JMP can also integrate with SAS via running remote stored processes, so your easiest route in sending data back to IDP is to use remote stored processes to integrate with IDP.

Re: Two questions about integration between SAS and JMP

your ideas are very interesting!
I had some doubts about JMP calling a stored process, because I had thought that this was going on "the other side" (from SAS to JMP), but since it's possible to call JMP programs from outside, this is just great: I can make a JMP program which connects to a table on the SAS server, makes an html output, and receive back as a web service in order to integrate to IDP.
What I still find strange is the fact that I've to "create" myself a flow from SAS EBI to JMP...