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Trying to add last 4 columns together based on variable column names

Hi there, I have a DT that is imported into jmp and what I am trying to create a formula to add the last 4 columns together. This is fine if the names where static and the dt had the same amount of columns but unfortunalty thiis is not the case.

The DT could have 7 to 10 columns dependent on the raw data pull and the column names are also variable. My question would be, is it possible to just create a formula for these last 4 columns and add them together, even if i didnt know the column names.

I have got the following to add specific columns:

/*Set Variables to the column locations */

a = column name (14);

b = column name (15);

c = column name (16);

d = column name (17);

/* Create a new column and add the 4 column variables together */


Where i am falling down to to choose the last 4 columns and not the specific locations

any ideas?



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Re: Trying to add last 4 columns together based on variable column names

To get a column variable from column number you can use a = Column(1).

Here is one way to do it by script, although i think there may exist a more elegant way.

dt = Open( "$SAMPLE_DATA/Baltic.jmp" );

col = (dt << get column names())[N Col( dt ) - 3 :: N Col( dt )]; //list of last 4 columns

dt << New Column( "Sum", numeric );

For Each Row( :Sum[] = Sum( Column( col[1] )[], Column( col[2] )[], Column( col[3] )[], Column( col[4] )[] ) );