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Transforming Multiple Big Data Tables into Smaller Ones

Hi there!


So I am currently looking into analyzing the process capability of 5 polymer grades. Say one grade would have 3 physical properties that are provided by our lab that I would need to analyse.


My final target: To have 5 individual JMP files for each polymer grade consisting all 3 physical properties which are sampled with their own unique sampling time.


What I have now: I have 3 individual (and huge) physical properties file with all 5 polymer grades sampled.


My question: What's the best way for me to use my existing huge data table and extract information to create the 5 individual grade JMP files? Is subset the only way to achieve this? Is virtually joining & linking the 3 physical propeties a posibility?


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Transforming Multiple Big Data Tables into Smaller Ones

It is tough to give you specific advice, not knowing the details of your data tables.  However, I will say that Subsetting is a pretty good approach.  Particularly because there is an "Subset by" option that a lot of folks miss.  


This will allow for a single pass through the data with the creation of all your polymer grades.

And yes, you can create virtual links with the physical property data tables.

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