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Times with tenth of seconds in JMP


I am trying to analyse split times with tenth of seconds in the format "07:42,3" (=7 minutes, 42 seconds, 3 tenth of a second). (Imported from a .txt or .csv file)
Unfortunately, JMP seems not able to read this, irrespective of the decimal separator ("." or","). Does anybody have an idea how to get around this or is there an import tool I could use ?

Thanks !



Jun 23, 2011

JMP does not have a date/time display format that includes fractional seconds.

You could try making it into two columns before you import and then combining them, but I think I would just import it as a string and then use a formula to convert it to seconds.

parts = Words( "07:42,3", "," );
seconds = Num( ":00:" || parts[1] ) + Num( parts[2] ) / 10;

Concatenating ":00:" before parsing makes it fit the ":hh:mm:ss" pattern for durations. Otherwise it could be parsed as hh:mm or mm:ss.
Hi !
Thanks a lot for the reply ! I will give my best and try :-)
I know you posted this question a while ago... but I'm having the same issue, I really like JMP, but it's important to me to be able to analyze data in fractions of seconds (i.e. 00:01:12,5)
Did the proposed solution work out for you?
Did you find a different way?

Thanks a lot!