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The simulator stopped working in both the analysis and profiler platform, it either refuses to generate histogram or crashes JMP

We are currently running on JMP 10 (I know old, but no sign that we'll upgrade any time soon). In any event, recently, the simulator stopped working in both the analysis/fit model platform and the graph/profiler platform. When I pull it up, I get an error message which states" Categorical color index is out of range". I already went into preferences and reset everything to default (which is annoying). But that did not fix the problem. With that error message, the simulator still comes up, but I no longer have the option to set any of the variables to random and the histogram on the right side is no longer available. In addition, when I do try to simulate to table instead (not my first choice, but ok), it just crashes JMP each time.

Has anybody come across that before? If so, how can it be fixed (short of reinstalling JMP).

Thank you so much for your help in advance.

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