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The Effect Test Auto vs Manual

Hi @phil_kay


I have been wondering if you could find a time to go through some data with me.


I have gathered the bodyweight data from the last 4 trials.

I have two sets of bodyweight data: Auto and Manual. For example:  Auto it is an average body weight recorded over 24h period; Manual – it is an average body weight of birds weighted individually (hand weighing).

I would like to find out if the discrepancies seen in bodyweight at certain age are due to method of weighing or age or  maybe due to number of birds being weighted or maybe due to all 3 factors.

I run the effect test, using pen and trial as a random effect & age/type of weigher/number of birds as fixed effect.


When I have looked at the data by each trial the “pen” seems to have significant effect, but when I combined all the data there is no significant effect of pen (I do not understand why it would be like that?)

One of the member from JMP community (@mark_baily) kindly did some analysis for me (please find attached – word document), but again I do not fully understand it.


I have been wondering if you could look into it and let me know what would be the best way to handle these data.


Thank you


Re: The Effect Test Auto vs Manual

Hi @Mila . It is probably best to keep all the discussion in the original thread. So I will reply there: The Effect test 

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