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Text Box Markup saving to DOCX or PDF?

I am trying to see if there is a way to get text box markup in a report or journal to save and use that markup when I save as DOCX, PDF, or RTF.


Here is a simple example:


_nw  = new window("example",
Text Box("<u>Underlined Text</u>", <<Markup)
_nw << Save PDF("C:\temp\example.pdf", show page setup(0));

The report window shows the text as underlined, but the PDF does not show the text as underlined.  


Any way to do this?  

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Re: Text Box Markup saving to DOCX or PDF?

It looks like underline might be the only thing that doesn't work on Windows.



_nw  = new window("example",
Text Box("<b>Bold Text</b> regular text <u>underlined</u>", <<Markup)
_nw << Save PDF("~/Desktop/example.pdf", show page setup(0));

The code above results in a PDF that looks like this:


Parallels DesktopScreenSnapz001.png

On the Mac you get this:




I'll see if we can get parity between Mac and Windows in a future release.


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