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Sep 29, 2014

Tabulate incompetencies JMP output / Interactive HTML output

Dear developers,

I would be happiest JMP user if html outputs follow the jmp output (WYSIWYG)

many thanks for taking the html5 coding so far and wishing it to keep getting better.




Community Trekker


Aug 26, 2015

Re: Tabulate incompetencies JMP output / Interactive HTML output

I was playing around with something about a month or so ago and did an HTML output from JMP. The resulting Webpage looked more like the default output style used by the ODS system in SAS than a JMP report. I used to use SAS extensively for my graduate research, so I am very familiar with how that HTML output looked with its blue-gray color scheme.

9884_SAS Output.png

(Wow, I actually found some old SAS outputs from previous work.) At the time I was more interested in getting easy-to-read output tables relative to the standard text-based reporting from the list files files generated by SAS, so I did not go beyond the default color scheme when creating HTML reports.

Where JMP is concerned, if I had a need to generate HTML, I would definitely prefer the result to look like what I created in JMP. When I was using SAS in grad school, anything that was ultimately put into publication was done by generating graphs and tables in Excel. With JMP, I try to avoid having to go to Excel to do things that JMP does very well, if not better. Going through the trouble to generate a clean report in JMP to not have a Web version reflect that effort would be disappointing.