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Table view collapses to column list on Mac

A nice feature of the Macintosh green button for window sizing is that if the JMP table opens full screen, then the green button collapses the window to a small one containing only the left border items (table name, table variables, column names, etc.), about 2.5 inches wide by 5 inches tall on my MacBook Pro. Clicking the green button again returns to the full screen size. This is very useful when testing scripts. Unfortunately, I cannot predict when a table will open full screen. If the table opens partial screen size, clicking the green button forces it to full screen, but clicking again only returns to the original partial size, not the shrunken one I prefer.
Is there any keyboard shortcut that will cause this table shrinkage to occur on command?
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Re: Table view collapses to column list on Mac

The green zoom button seem to remember the window size (however the behavior is not consistent among apps). So if a window is partially shrunken as you call it, it is probably its original size or the size has been changed manually. If you manually set the window to your preferred shrunken size, then you should be able to toggle between full-screen and collapsed views using the green button.

I am not aware of a shortcut, however some people have created one using applescript.
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