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Subset table from the list of parameter



I try to subset my raw data with the parameters list identified in the different file ... below is the script.



Names Default To Here( 1 );

// Select the data table and open it
path = Pick File( "Select Data Table" );
dt_raw = Open( path );

// Select the limits table and open it
path = Pick File( "Select Limits Table" );
dt_spec = Open( path );

dt_raw << set name( "raw" );
dt_spec << set name( "spec" );

Current Data Table( dt_spec );
ColList = Column( "Parameter" ) << GetAsMatrix();

Insert Into( ColList, "SERIAL_NO", 1 );
Insert Into( ColList, "~STAGE", 2 );
Insert Into( ColList, "EQUIP_ID", 3 );
Insert Into( ColList, "SOFTWARE_ID", 4 );
Insert Into( ColList, "FW_PACKAGE", 5 );
Insert Into( ColList, "FW_ADUCM", 6 );

Data Table( "raw" ) << Subset( output table( "raw_data" ), all rows, columns( Eval( ColList ) ) );



I got the "Column not found in access or evaluation of 'Bad Argument'  error message. I know that it has something to do with the columns (eval(ColList)) but not sure what's wrong.



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Re: Subset table from the list of parameter

What does "ColList" contain.  Have you displayed it in the JMP Log?  Your subset code should be working.  I would suggest a simple change.  The line

ColList = Column( "Parameter" ) << GetAsMatrix();

should more precisely be written as

ColList = Column( dt_spec, "Parameter" ) << Get Values;
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