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String Col Box width

Hi - how can I specify the width of a String Col Box please?  I see there are both "<< Set Width" and "<< Get Width" properties, and after having specified a width when defining the String Col Box, I can display it later using << Get Width and confirm that it has actually been set to that value.  However the String Col Box in question clearly isn't that width, which seems to be determined simply by the width of the longest text string in the column.  I've tried adding various combinations of "<< Set Auto Stretching(0)" and "<< Set Min Size" but to no avail -  so unless it can't actually be done, I'm assuming I simply haven't hit the right one.  (I'm working in JMP 10, but the same problem is apparent in JMP 11 also.)

Many thanks

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Re: String Col Box width

Unfortunately, there is no way to change the width of a StringColBox.

The Set Width message is a property of all display boxes even though only a few implement it.

In the mean time you can use spaces to pad one of the strings in the StringColBox to the width you want and you'll get a box of that width.

I'll pass along a suggestion that we allow setting the width of these boxes though.



Re: String Col Box width

Many thanks Jeff - at least I know I'm not doing something silly!  I'll do as you suggest.

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