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Street Level Background Map in JMP 10

Our class has a need to map street level data. In JMP 10, there is an option to use background maps, but none of the built-in options have street level data. I have tried using WMS servers from the openstreetmap (OSM) project, but the servers listed on their wiki are not reliable. I haven't yet managed to get street level data using WMS. In JMP 11, I noticed that the street level option is built in, and from what I can gather, SAS is hosting the OSM data. Any suggestions on how I can get street level maps in JMP 10?


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Community Manager Community Manager

Re: Street Level Background Map in JMP 10

Hi Tog,

Unfortunately, street level maps are not available in JMP 10.

If you have an annual license for JMP then JMP 11 is available to you at no charge.


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