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Status of SAS 9.4 and JMP Pro?

I was about to upgrade to SAS 9.4 and presumed JMP Pro 10 was still included under the licence. This is not the case. After offering JMP as part of the suite of SAS 9.3 programs including Enterprise Miner.It appears JMP probably due to the imminent release of JMP 11 is no longer available.

Can anyone enlighten me on the status of SAS 9.4 and JMP 10 or 11?

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Re: Status of SAS 9.4 and JMP Pro?

Hi Steven,

With the release of SAS 9.4 there have been a number of changes to SAS bundles that include JMP. It's best to check with your SAS sales team (in the US: 800-727-0025) to determine exactly how those changes will effect you and provide you with options.