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May 3, 2014

Split Split Plot data analysis GLM: ANOVA, PCA?

Hello, It seems I need more explanation about analyzing my data: 3 antibacterial substance producing isolates (AAUML40, AAUML10, AAUML27) each has 4 antibacterial components (= levels of dosages) (CFS, -Acid, BLS, and -Ctrl) to be tested against 4 pathogens (P1, P2, P3, and P4). What steps should I follow to use SAS JMP for analysis. Note, all the factors and their levels are Categorical  and there is one response, the diameter of Inhibition Zone (IZ) in mm. Attached, please find, the design.

I tried this way:

Analyze > Fit Model >

New Script(


  Fit Model(

  Y( :Inhibnition Zone ),



  :Isolate (mp),

  :Replication * :Isolate,

  :Indicartor (sp),

  :Isolate * :Indicartor,

  :Antibacterial (ssp),

  :Isolate * :Antibacterial,

  :Indicartor * :Antibacterial,

  :Isolate * :Indicartor * :Antibacterial


  Personality( "Generalized Linear Model" ),

  GLM Distribution( "Normal" ),

  Link Function( "Identity" ),

  Overdispersion Tests and Intervals( 1 ),

  Set Alpha Level( 0.05 )



Then when click Run >

The parameter estemate will not come for AAUML40 and Replication 3, and/or no 'Expand Estimate'  option is available under the red triangle for Generalized Linear Model (but in Standard Least Squares). I need also to see the mean, standard error etc

Thank you very much!