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Split Columns

I have data like this:
Name Label Count
Peter Paris 5
Tom Paris 6
Tom Berlin 12
Anne Paris 7
Anne Berlin 10

So there are two entries for Anne and Tom (for Paris and Berlin) but only one entry for Peter (for Paris, the one for Berlin off eter is missing).

I now want to do Split columns.
When I do this then it does not work because Peter does not have two entries.

How can I properly split this data?
Or how can I prepare the data for a proper split?
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Re: Split Columns

How do you want to split the columns? i.e. How do you want your output to look?

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Re: Split Columns

I expect an output like this:
Name Paris Berlin
Peter 5 -
Tom 6 12
Anne 7 10

JMP does not seem to like the fact that Peter has no entry for Berlin.
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Community Trekker

Re: Split Columns

Which version of JMP are you using? JMP 8 lets me do this without a problem:
Table -> Split
Split By: Label
Split Columns: Count
Group: Name

If that is still a problem, perhaps with an older version of JMP, you'll have to add a row:
Peter Berlin .

...then do the Split.
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Re: Split Columns

ok, I got it now,
it works for me just the same and it also works on my big dataset,

I had not used
Group: Name

thanks much...
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