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Size of multiple pies in JMP 10?

JMP 10 has an interesting addition to graph builder: the pie chart.  The code below shows some interesting output you get when you use the Wrap hot spot:

dt = open("$sample_data\Children's");

// Simple labeled pies

Graph Builder(

    Show Control Panel( 0 ),

    Variables( X( :Goals ), Wrap( :School ) ),




            Legend( 2 ),

            Pie Style( "Pie" ),

            Summary Statistic( "Mean" ),

            Label( "Label by Value" )








            {Show Major Ticks( 0 ), Show Minor Ticks( 0 ), Rotated Labels( "Automatic" )}




All of the pie charts are the same size but it's a bit misleading as the total count of data for each pie is different.  My question is this: can the relative size of the different pie charts reflect their total count?  There's a Size hotspot when the control panel is turned on, but it doesn't seem to do anything.

BTW the coxcomb pie style is interesting but has the same problem.  The biggest wedges are all the same size but have different amounts of data.

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