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Show Connect Line(0) not working - Control Chart Builder

using Control Chart Builder, you can uncheck the box for "show connect line" and when I export the script to a script window it gives me the following:

Control Chart Builder(

  Size( 505, 438 ),

  Show Two Shewhart Charts( 0 ),

  Show Capability( 0 ),

  Variables( Y( :CalculatedValue) ),


       Points( Statistic( "Individual" ), Show Connect Line( 0 ) ),

       Limits( Sigma( "Moving Range" ) )



Local Data Filter(

  Auto clear( 0 ),

  Add Filter(

  columns( :TestColumn),

  Display( :TestColumn, Size( 208, 208 ), List Display )




If I immediately re-run that script I just exported, it shows the connecting lines between points...  Am I missing something or is this a bug?

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Re: Show Connect Line(0) not working - Control Chart Builder


Please send this information to JMP Technical Support by sending an email to and we will look into it. Please include your JMP version, operating system, and site number in the email.