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Set an interval for a prediction

I want to have a prediction formula for a variable, so with Fit model I do my regression and I select save the prediction formula to have my prediction. But I have an issue because the variable I want predict is a probability so has to be between 0 and 1 (included) and the prediction formula produces results greater than 1. I would like to know if there exist way(s) to set an interval for a prediction ? (briefly, if we can add constraints on the prediction).

Two more information which may be useful :

To perform my regression I do a Generalized Regression with a Normal distribution.

I am an user of JMP Pro 14.




Re: Set an interval for a prediction

So, your response is a probability? That is, you are not modeling a quantitative response with a logistic model?


If so, you might try a logit transform of the response.

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