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Send user interactions to agent (including menu choices)

I'm curious if JMP can be turned into a training framework for an agent (AI). Specifically can all my menu/dialogue choices be captured to a log file? To do this do I need to edit the scripts behind the menu icons to capture this? I would then use one agent to identify the subjects​ (x, y, group, so the scripts become generic) and a second to analyse my work flow to perhaps learn my common interactions. Sort of like recording a macro in Excel only more general. I recently hid all the menu options I didn't use, it was left with surprising few. This is partly what got me thinking it's​ a tractable problem.


Re: Send user interactions to agent (including menu choices)

When you use the phrase 'agent' are you thinking of calling JMP from other software? Although there are some options in this respect, JMP is generally much better at 'calling' than at 'being called'.


In any case, though, JSL, the means by which operations in JMP can be automated, provides far more power and flexibility than recording macros via keystrokes, and it's easy to make scripts generic and build workflows.


If you can be more specific about what you want to achieve, I'm sure this forum can offer some tips on how best to do this.


Re: Send user interactions to agent (including menu choices)

To clarify, I guess I am asking two questions.
1) Is there is a 'debug' mode I can turn on so that all my interactions (including menus) with JMP are recorded in JSL.
2) If I were able to create simple AI agents in JSL do you think they could use the data from 1) to mimic how I apply JMP to a dataset (assuming they can learn/be told the required context about the data)?
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