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Script to create table from JMP report.

If I right click on a table in a .jrp report, JMP gives an option to create a (combined) table. Can someone give me a script to accomplish the same result? Alternatively (and equivalently), how can I concatenate a series of JMP reports (created during a script loop) so that I can "create a combined table". The ultimate goal is a complex optimisation using (for instance) the "Goodness of Fit" output from the Distribution platform in (for example) a "simulated annealing" approach.

PS Thanks very much to MS for his answer to a previous question. I forgot the forum in which I posed the question, and was thus unable to respond earlier.

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Re: Script to create table from JMP report.

You might find this previous post useful:

In your case the following command might be applicable as well:

table box<<Make Combined Data Table

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