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Script to create an ROC Table in JMP Partition

I am using JMP 6.0. I have 3 questions.
1. I have been using the Partition methodology for some time and would like to know whether there are any scripts available to create the ROC table. With JMP version 6.0 the ROC curve and AUC values are generated automatically. But there is no option to see the ROC table as we have for regression analysis.
2. Does any one have information on this paper "Confidence Information of ROC Curves, AUC, and Partial AUC with JMP®"
David Meintrup, STATCON ? or can I find a copy?
3. What are the major differences between the traditional CART algorithm and the Partition algorithm?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Script to create an ROC Table in JMP Partition

I used partitioning in JMP 7 and added the ROC curve. When I saved the script to a script window, the following was added after the x & y variables and the minimum split size. You can see if it will work in JMP 6
ROC Curve( 1 ),

The Spring 2005 JMPer Cable answers some questions about JMP partitioning platform: