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Script to Click the button Box and generate data table

Hi, appreciate if someone can help and provide a solution on this.

I created a script to collect user input of columns assignment for Parameter (lp), X-axis(xVar), Y-axis (yVar).
After which the script runs "Gaussian Process" with (lp) being the Y, and (xVar),(yVar) being the X.

There are still some glitch i cant resolve.
1) How to write the script to click on the "Make Table" buttonbox and generate a subtable? It is under "Gaussian Process->Contour Profiler->Simulator->Simulate to table"

2) For the Gaussian process settings, i can't get it to fix the setting for the Factors, I need the XVar & yVar be Random( Uniform( -150, 150 ) ).
But it didnt take the value, and only display as fixed.