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Screening design (1st degree interaction) + augment design (RSM)

Hi all,


Can i combine DOEs with RSM (response surface method) by augument design to existing one (1st degree interaction)?

I had a screening DOE only with 1st degree interaction to identify relevant parameters.

After i identify the relevant parameters, i plan to run 2nd DOE  (with RSM) with the choosen parameters from the 1st DOE.


My question is:

Can i extend the 1st DOE with augment design, while the 1st is only 1st degree interaction and the augmented one is by RSM?

Or do i need to start a second DOE with custome design?


Many thanks in advance,





Re: Screening design (1st degree interaction) + augment design (RSM)

Yes, I suggest that you augment the first design in order to fit a more complex model (i.e., higher order terms). See Help > Books > Design of Experiments for a complete explanation of the process, options, and examples of augmentation.

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