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Screen manipulating

Hi, I need to hide all my calculations while I open data tables,
I am trying to do this by a scene I want that while the scene is working I will open all my data tables without seeing them unfortunately the scene ends and just then the data tables are being opened and I see them on the screen.
Your help will be most appreciated, Pniel.


Re: Screen manipulating

If I understand the question correctly - and I'm actually I'm not sure that I do - there are an assortment of methods that might be of use to you for hiding the calculations within your data tables while you're doing them. The following script illustrates some of them:

Re: Screen manipulating

Hi, tanks a lot I used the show window (0). I can still see the tables but it is much better
Maybe you can riddle me this I want when I open the data tables to see only the arcball
And when it finishes the tables are already closed run this code please and tanks for the help.

Re: Screen manipulating

You mean the white rectangle that contains some words from the window underneath, and which appears in the Scene Box (and stays there if you comment out the script from just before the "for" loop to the end)?

Two little things I've discovered: if you run the script from the main menu then the problem doesn't seem to occur (probably simply because there isn't a script window to cause the problem), and (more usefully) if you include a "move window" command as shown below, the problem seems to go away - at least on my machine:

Re: Screen manipulating

What I need is to open data tables while the arcball is running then the user will not see all the flashes, but you are right about the move window (10, 0); I will add it tanks.

This is what i would like to accomplish:
First: run arcball
Second: opening data table while arcball is running and the user sees only the arcbal
Last: arcbal is finished the data tables are closed without even knowing it was open.

//code run the arcball while manipulating data tables