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Saving picture crops images

Dear all,


I am new to JMP.  Whenever I try saving images whether I do it manually or through JSL, the saved images are oversized and clipped from the right.


picture << Save Picture(savepath|| outfile ||".png", PNG);


A similar post on jmp community mentioned a simple restart will fix this problem.


However, reboot does not work for me. I have noticed that if I don't connect my second screen [monitor]  to my laptop,  then the saved pictures are correct .

Both monitor [2nd screen] and laptop have same resolution [1080p]


Is there a way I can control this behavior so I don't need to disconnect the second screen every time I want to save images ?




Super User

Re: Saving picture crops images

This sounds like a bug that the JMP folks need to resolve. Please submit this to
Level V

Re: Saving picture crops images

For what it's worth, this JSL clipped image issue just happened to me today. (Win10, JMP 12.2)

Issue: PNG chart images, saved from Bivariate charts, would clip off to the right and bottom maybe by 25% of the image size.


My PC had been in sleep mode before this issue surfaced, then after the PC reawakened and ran the JSL scripts this issue oddly occurred.  So I did a PC reboot and issue resolved and I now get proper sized PNG images of the charts.

Level II

Re: Saving picture crops images

I have this problem every day. The images (graphs) in a JMP report are cropped when I save the report to an HTML (where the images become JPGs). If I unplug the external monitor before the save, it saves properly. Please solve this problem.
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