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Jun 9, 2017

Saving Windows


I have the code here that generates a window contaning two data tables. I would like an effective way to save the window containing both data tables side by side. The default extension for saving it is a JRP; however, that will not save the window. The window can be saved a JRN, but is there anyway to save this window just the way it looks?


Names Default To Here( 1 );

dt1 = Open( "$SAMPLE_DATA\Big", private );
dt2 = Open( "$SAMPLE_DATA\Bands", private );

// Create a function to create each data table to reduce code redundancy
getDataTableOutlineBox = Function( {dt},
		Eval Expr(
			Outline Box( dt << Get Name, // title of the tab
				dt << New Data Box(), //DataBrowserBox

New Window( "Both Tables",
	Suppress AutoHide( 1 ),
		Try( Close( dt1, NoSave ) );
		Try( Close( dt2, NoSave ) );
	H Splitter Box(
		size( 1200, 800 ),
		getDataTableOutlineBox( dt1 ),
		getDataTableOutlineBox( dt2 ),



Super User


Jun 22, 2012

Re: Saving Windows

You can always place your objects inside something like a Border Box(), and then turn the whole object into a picture( << get Picture) and save the picture.