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Save parameters from fitted line [not predicted values]

Hello, All

Is there a way to save the parameters of a fitted line, not just the predicted values?

I am running the following script, but I do not know if one can save the parameters only, not the predicted values. I want to be able to use the parameters in a different formula, but when I save predicteds, JMP uses an IF statement to predict only the values from my "where" line. I want to fit the line using the "where" line, but predict for all values.

Fit group (



    Y( :Name( "1_HD" ) ),

    X( :Name( "Tree1

    Fit Line( {Line Color( {45, 177, 53} )} ),

    Where( :LGTH == "15" ),



    Y( :Name( "1_HD" ) ),

    X( :Name( "Tree1" ) ),

    Fit Special( xTran( "Sqrt" ), {Line Color( {45, 177, 53} )} ),

    Where( :LGTH == "15" ),




Model1 << (curve[1] << save predicteds);

Model2 << (curve[1] << save predicteds);

Thanks, any help will be appreciated,


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